Top 7 things that guests hate at a hotel

Top 7 things that guests hate in a hotel

1. Rude staff. This is not just applicable to hotels. As a property owner, the last thing you would want to see is a guest and your hotel staff bickering in the hotel. This will not just create a scene but will tarnish your reputation. While it is understandable that some guests can unreasonable, it is important for your hotel staff to be patient and understanding.

2. Poor housekeeping. Unclean rooms, stains on the pillows, cigarette smell lingering in the air etc. This will create an immediate bad impression. So, it is necessary to provide good housekeeping service round the clock.

3. Bad food. Even if you have a limited menu, make sure that the food is tasty. There is a saying that, “Good food is the way to a person’s heart”. It might sound cheesy but it’s true. Whether your guests are vacationers or business people, good food can make anyone happy.

4. Cheap bedding. This can include thin blankets, uncomfortable foam beds, pillows that are no longer fluffy, ragged bedsheets etc.

5. No or slow internet speed. People expect hi-speed wi-fi everywhere and hotels are no exception. This is essential if your property expects people staying for business conferences.

6. Temperature settings. Whether it is an air conditioner or a thermostat, it should work well.

7. Thin walls. No one likes it when someone eavesdrop into their conversation. The same logic applies for hotels. Thin walls are not fun for anyone.

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