Combat. Recover. Sustain!

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on the global tourism and hospitality industry. We know the ripple impact it has created on you and your business. For you, it is the time to combat, recover and sustain.

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We, at Cheerze Connect, will do our best to aid you and support your business in such challenging times.

Get through this COVID-19 crisis with Cheerze Connect!

We are offering free access to our product, Cheerze Connect, until September 30, 2020, to help you rebound and sustain your hotel business from this tough situation.

After the free subscription ends, you can continue using the same modules by switching to our normal subscription-based pricing options or upgrade to avail the other essential modules.


Cheerze Connect is the most comprehensive Hotel Management Software. With its in-built modules, it helps you to improve operational efficiency, enhance guest satisfaction, and boost revenue.


Avail these modules without any cost


Channel Manager

Front Office

Material Management

Account Interface



1. Anywhere any time access

Don’t need to stick around your desktop anymore! As Cloud-based HMS can be accessible in mobile devices, staff can meet and greet their guests anywhere at any time while doing their hotel operations. It makes hotel employees spend more time with guests and be more attentive to their guests' needs. Parallelly, it helps staff in delivering better operational outcomes.



2. Easy to integrate

Technology advances at a rapid pace. As many of these technologies assist you in gratifying your guests, integrational challenges turn out to be a hindrance. Cheerze Connect Hotel Management Software is easy to integrate with other cutting-edge tools. As a result, you may stay relevant in the fast-changing world by incorporating essential technologies that help you in meeting your guests' needs.



3. Stay Profitable

As it is delivered based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model, the entire IT will be maintained and managed by the software provider. Moreover, you don't need to pay any upfront costs. Instead, you pay only for what you use.



4. Enhance guest satisfaction

Today, competition is fierce. Winning this surplus market requires you to attract and retain guests. This can be achieved with the help of hotel management software. Hotel management software simplifies your operations and helps you in providing a smooth experience to your guests. Plus, with extensive guest history, it helps you track your guest preferences and provide personalized experience to guests at their next visit.



5. Extend your hotel’s reach

Cheerze Connect helps you to connect with the best-in-class OTA (Online Travel Agency) platforms that might enhance your hotel visibility across the globe. Thus, increased visibility means more businesses. It will ultimately increase your hotel bookings and occupancy rates.


Everything has its end and this COVID-19 epidemic too! Smart move is taking every challenge as an opportunity to evolve. Take this as an opportunity to switch to the most comprehensive, cloud-based Hotel Management Software!


For further assistance, please reach out to our Sales Manager, Manoj Inamdar @ +91 9940054702


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