Material Management

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Material Management

Built to simplify your Material Management

Effective material management is key to improving cost efficiency. Cheerze Connect helps you in achieving that. With our Material Management module, you can better monitor and maintain your hotel’s stock and meet the demands of your hotel on-time.

Stay informed about your hotel’s stocks

Acquire a clear understanding of your hotel stock with our informative dashboard. View the expiring stocks, ROL (Reorder Level), pending indent, pending PO, and goods received on that day with supplier details- from a single dashboard.

Keep everyone in-sync

Whether it is creating an indent, PO approval, or materials issue, Cheerze Connect keeps the concerned persons in a loop to ensure needed items are brought with the right prices and to avoid other communication challenges. Every indent, PO, and issue will get multiple levels of approval, where high authorities can assess and evaluate the indent, pricing, and quality of the stock.

Avoid other improper activities

Overlooking the importance of monitoring and managing your materials will end up in a major financial loss. Cheerze Connect’s Material Management module is transparent and gives no room for any malpractice. All the operations are well-tracked and evaluated in a timely manner.

Save a significant cost on purchase

Analyze the amount spent on each item. Compare your current bill rate with the last GRN (Goods Receipt Note) rate. It helps you find out the best prices for each item you purchase.

Data-driven decision

Analyse your current business performance. Understand important items that you often buy, cut costs spent on unnecessary items, supplier-wise analytics, month-wise expenses, etc. Take meaningful decision and optimize cost effectively, with our extensive reports.




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