Get Possibilities for Better Operations with Cheerze Connect

Hotel Management System

User-defined Hotel POS System

Cheerze Connect hotel POS offers you with limitless POS outlets. It helps you to track each transaction, so that you never missed out anything. You can generate different kinds of outlets like fine-dining, room service, and fast food. Create multiple user accounts, and with the low learning curve, users can easily onboard and deliver performance-oriented results.

Built-in Features and Reports

All built-in features that are imperative to run your hotel efficiently. Integrated with the Front Office, in-house orders will transfer to the corresponding guest room as room service or charged directly on the company. Other features include accepting multi-currency payments, setting credit card limits, open item, transferring KOT and table, and retrieving guest data, etc.


Enjoy the flexibility of accessing and managing your POS from your choice of devices. Create an e-menu of your hotel, do tasks like order taking, assigning to the respective tables, and closing bills from your mobile devices. Our hotel POS system offers both touchscreen-enabled and handheld interfaces to provide the rich user experience.




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