Interview with N. Jagannathan, CEO, Cheerze Connect

N. Jagannathan, the Director and CEO of Cheerze Connect (Fourth Dimension Software Systems India Private Limited), shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they created this world-class hotel management software to meet the extensive needs of mid-sized hotels around the world.

Based in India, Cheerze Connect is a feature-rich, cloud-based hotel management software designed to provide a one-stop solution for hoteliers to automate and streamline end-to-end hotel operations. The software is simple, affordable, and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.


When asked what motivated the company to create Cheerze Connect, Jagannathan says that the primary objective was to provide agile software to address the needs of mid-sized hoteliers through a feature-rich product that was also cost-effective.

The software’s user interface is simple and easy to navigate and helps users handle numerous operations in less time. Moreover, Jagannathan highlights that cloud technology allows users to access the software on any device.

Distinct features and value addition

Talking about the unique features and offerings of Cheerze Connect, Jagannathan elaborates that one of the prime features of the software is Contactless Technology. It allows the guests to leverage various hotel services without contacting the hotel staff. They can use their mobile application or scan QR codes to check-in, check-out, order food, settle bills and more.

Jagannathan further explains that a significant value addition that Cheerze Connect offers is its unique pricing model, where the company charges the clients only for sold rooms. Hoteliers do not need to pay anything for unoccupied rooms. The software thus enables hotel businesses to shrink costs during bad business days. Besides, the software also allows hoteliers to drive commission-free bookings directly from their business website. This reduces the commission cost charged by OTAs.

Customer satisfaction and retention

Further in the interview, Jagannathan says that customer satisfaction is their primary focus. The company routinely tracks the needs of their customers and adds these to the product’s features. The software undergoes regular updates to enhance the user experience.

Jagannathan also mentions that the company has very satisfied customers, as proven by the fact that more than 60% of their new clients are referrals from existing clients. Besides, Jagannathan reveals that the customer retention rate is also exceptional for Cheerze Connect software, with more than 85% of the customers opting to renew their plan when the subscription term ends.

Dedicated customer support

Jagannathan discloses that the company offers reliable, dedicated 24×7 support for Cheerze Connect customers through calls, emails, and chatbot to resolve their queries. Additionally, clients can contact the company on WhatsApp. The company also facilitates an in-depth product demonstration for clients with a quick and smooth onboarding process. Apart from that, the software provides a help button on each screen that takes the customers to a step-by-step guide for each feature on the screen.

The company provides support in multiple languages for its global clients. Additionally, the company maintains a comprehensive knowledge base to help customers, including blog posts, newsletters, how-to guides, e-books and videos.

What’s in the future?

Cheerze Connect has emerged as a popular choice and a market leader for businesses looking for hotel and hospitality management tools. With the advantages of all-embracing features, exceptional utility, diligent customer support, and reasonable value-based pricing, GoodFirms’ researchers have identified Cheerze Connect as one of the best hotel management software.

“Our revenue increased by 50% last year”. In 10 years, we see Cheerze Connect as the product of choice for all the mid-sized hotels around the globe,” says Jagannathan.

With that, the interview concludes.

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