A brown dog lying on a bed in a hotel room

Is your hotel pet-friendly?

Why are hotels reluctant to allow pets?

1. Seeing pet litter on the hotel lobby isn’t pleasant.

2. Pets make noise. Dogs are cute but the incessant barking of dogs can anger guests.

3. Not all the guests might like pets. People are different. Some might swoon over pets but others may walk the other way.

4. It’s unhygienic. Some pets may have fleas on their fur. Or some guests might be allergic to fur.

5. Untrained pets can cause chaos. You don’t want your hotel staff running behind pets that don’t obey their master.

Why pet-friendly hotels are winning over new guests?

1. Pets are a part of one’s family.

2. Guests won’t mind staying for a longer period of time. When the pets are right in front of their eyes, they can enjoy a pleasant vacation.

3. It will give a unique tag to your hotel. More people with pets will come and stay in your hotel.

How can hotels change?

1. Setting the guidelines – Are pets allowed in the swimming pool? Are they banned from the dining hall? Do guests with pets stay in a different wing of the hotel? Laying down clear cut rules will save time and energy for both you and your guests

2. Providing special services – Walking the pets, having a veterinarian, stocking up on pet food, pet grooming facilities (bathing, trimming), monitored playpen to play with other pets etc.

3. Setting a separate bay area – This will make sure that people who don’t want to be with pets won’t mingle with them.

4. Providing bowls to eat or drink – This is a basic amenity as people with pets would expect you to provide bo

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