Man using hotel app on his mobile while travelling

How to make customers use your hotel app?

Every prominent hotel has its own mobile application. Even though online room bookings are common, they come through third party applications and not through the hotel’s app. This is an issue that many hotels face. So, how do you get more people to install your app? Here are some proven ways.

Paid advertising

These include social media advertising, Google advertisements, listing your app on travel sites and paid partnerships. You can also advertise on travel magazines and newspapers.

Make your staff invite the guests to install the app

This is especially applicable for the front desk staff. Every time someone checks in, let them know about the app. A good marketing strategy would be people getting a discount on room bookings if they reserved rooms through the app.

Email or SMS marketing

Let them know about your hotel app. Send a warm message inviting them to check out your app. List your top features and the advantages of using the app. Be careful not to spam them. You would not want to seem pushy.

Make use of influencers and travel bloggers

This will help more heads turn your way. This will also improve your social proof and can be used as a testimonial on your website. A simple post, video or an article can do wonders. Another way is to invite people to tag their friends or share about your app on social media pages. In return, you can give them redeemable coupons.

Promote special offers and referral codes

Whenever someone installs the app, send them a referral code. Inform that if five people install the app through their referral code, they will get a discount or a small gift.

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